Medium Surprises Again By Re-Inventing Some Of My Older Articles To Curation Status

Or chosen for further distribution

Janice Tovey
3 min readMay 11, 2022


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Medium is full of mystery, and surprises once again!

There are so many unknowns. You think you have written a killer article only to have it fall upon deaf ears. Hmmmmm!

A post you whip up in twenty minutes is sent flying over the Medium airwaves. You are ecstatic and confused!

You spend hours trying to figure out what you did “right” or “wrong” or the “science” behind Medium. You just can’t!

I guess part of the FUN is never quite knowing. I guess?

Well, this wonderful, mysterious writing platform has surprised me once again.

I spent last night browsing through my list of older stories and looking at stats.

Three things of significance caught my eye:

The First:

The first anomaly was discovering two articles I wrote in March had not been metered. It was there in black and white, “you have not chosen to meter this article.” I meter all of my posts, so this took me by surprise, and I immediately made the correction. You might want to check too that you have ticked the correct box to ensure your stories are metered, if that is what you wanted. It is worth a look.

The Second:

Another three of my articles from late March and early April had had their status changed. The designation for these articles had been changed to “chosen for further distribution.”

I have recently learned that the change from “curated” to “chosen for further distribution” status doesn’t always mean increased popularity, but I liked it. You may also be surprised to find that some of your past stories have also been changed to “chosen for further distribution.” And, it may take a couple of months for this to happen! It is worth a look.

The Third:

An article that had less than 5 views suddenly made $1.23 on one view. Yes, one view! I was astounded. That I could not fathom, so I let it go, and basked in the delight of my small surprise. Never give up on old articles. It is worth a look.

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Take Away:

If you have the time, take a trip down “memory lane.” Look at previous articles, see how much your writing has improved, and relish your successes and learning opportunities.

And, you may discover along the way, some surprises, some hidden gems, some mysterious wins and accomplishments, that will make you feel positive, motivated, and eager to begin another day of doing what you love best.

Happy writing!



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