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3 min readAug 31, 2021

A Whole Body Experience!

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Love That Song

Does music excite you the way it excites me? Do you rush to call a friend or family member to gush about a new song? Do you listen over and over like an addiction? Does it lift you to a higher place? Does it fill your brain with light? Are the sounds, tones, rhythm and words so exquisite that you can’t get enough? Can you taste, feel, and see it?

Exquisite Sounds

If this is true for you as it is for me, welcome back to the Empath’s magical world. And aren’t we the lucky ones! Empaths are more sensitive to all stimuli. This includes social stimuli.This is an undisputed fact. When we listen to music it is as if we are in the presence of another person. When music and empathy converge in the brain of an Empath it is processed differently from the non-Empath.

The Empath Reward Center

Let me explain. It has been shown that Empaths tend to have significantly higher activation centers in the brain overall. When listening to favorable music, these rewards centers are stimulated more than would be those of an non-Empath. Empaths also have higher activation in the parts of the brain implicated with processing social information. A leading researcher in this area, Zachery…



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