Nice Habits that Aren’t So Nice

Stop irritating your friends

Janice Tovey
3 min readNov 10


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It is easy to make mistakes about etiquette rules. Especially these days. So much has changed. Some of the time what we think is actually the right thing to do backfires on us leaving friends and family uncomfortable and irritated.

Often you think that if you don’t engage in the “right” behavior you are being somehow rude, so you tend to overcompensate by doing the “wrong” thing.

Common faux paus:

Hugs and kisses

We all love them right? Well, not all of us. Many individuals often feel like a well-intentioned hug or kiss is actually an invasion of personal space. Family members and close friends are another story but many times a simple smile or friendly “hello” does the trick. Especially in a post-pandemic world.

Lengthy voicemails

Many individuals loathe voice mail. Especially if it is long. Emailing and texting from your phone is much more welcome and efficient. Keep your texts short and organized when sharing information.

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Stop being so quick to say yes

When you agree to something quick and later change your mind it creates hurt feelings, resentment, and frustration. Better to check your calendar first before committing to something.

Group emails

Have you ever sent out a group thank you in an email? In addition to cluttering inboxes, it makes it difficult for the recipient to distinguish the importance of the information and can be a time waster. It is more polite to thank each sender individually.

Tagging others on social media

Not all individuals feel comfortable on social media and may view tagging as an invasion of privacy and presence. Always ask the person if they would like to be tagged before posting.

Stop saying “no worries”

Responding with “no worries” carries the subtle implication that you were bothering someone. Instead reply with a simple and polite “you are welcome.”



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