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I told my husband over coffee yesterday that every Wednesday I am going to start writing about a totally random topic. He just looked at me. Then I sat there for fifteen minutes staring at our fridge. I could think of nothing!

I hated to ask him for an idea; my writers pride or something, but I succumbed, and employed him for his two cents worth. I said confidently “I will write about whatever you suggest.”

Thirty years later! Had I not learned?

He said without hesitation and I quote “why don’t you write about hammers. Everyone has one, everyone knows what they are. I think that would make an interesting story.”

I had visions of my followers dropping like flies, views sinking like the Titanic and me getting booted out of the Partner Program never to be spoken of.

However, it dawned on me that sometimes we have to take a” leap of faith,” go out on the proverbial “limb.” I was at the edge and hanging on by a leaf. But I took the bait.


Or as my husband likes to call them knockometers!

What we affectionately know as the hammer, had prehistoric beginnings. Archaeologists have discovered a tool dating back 3.3 million years, a tool that was used as a hammer.

Our modern day hammer has had quite the evolution. Formerly, it was implemented to smash bone and shells to get food. And, the modern hammer is much more than a serviceable hand tool. It is literally the grandfather of almost every other tool made. Who knew?

A hammer dating back 3.3. million years was located in Lake Turkana in 2015 in Northern Kenya. It resembled more of a hammer stone. You have probably seen pictures of this original hammer. They were no more than a heavy elliptical stone.

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This primitive hammer was used to shape stones like obsidian and flint, important for hunting and fire starter. The primitive hammer didn’t really change much for millions of years.



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