Social Rules That Make You Unstoppable

Simple techniques that speak power

Janice Tovey


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We can engineer our lives for personal power and success.

Who doesn’t want to be unstoppable?

It is not difficult when you follow these 6 simple rules.

SLOW DOWN: When you slow down your speech and speak less quickly, this deliberate action portrays confidence in you and your message.

NEVER RESPOND IMMEDIATELY: When asked a question, never respond right away. Train yourself to wait a few seconds before answering. Remain cool and direct.

POSTURE IS PARAMOUNT: Walk with your shoulders back and never slouch.

Correct Posture Can Increase Your Health, Wealth And Power | by Janice Tovey | Medium

NEVER BEG: If you are ever excluded from a social event, refrain from inquiring as to why or begging to be included.

SMILE RIGHT: If you want to portray personal power, smile only with your eyes. Forget the mouth.

PRACTICE LEAST RESISTANCE: Most things in life are out of our control. Practice voluntarily resigning yourself to what is out of your control. Never actively respond to difficult situations.

These 6 social rules are very simple and easily incorporated into daily life.

Practice makes perfect………power!

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