The 1 Mysterious Connection Between Frozen Shoulder, Banana Bread, and the Need to Create

Janice Tovey
2 min readJan 13, 2022

The link between food, pain, and creativity

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My Little Story

Two years ago I came down with a very painful and debilitating condition known as “frozen shoulder.” I was unable to move, lift, rotate, or use my right arm for over a year. I couldn’t wash my hair, towel off after a shower, open my car door, drive, write, sleep, dress, or do any of the other things we humans take for granted. Brushing my teeth was even a chore.

And not to be a “woe is me” kind of person, but, after the right shoulder finally healed, my other shoulder became injured. Maybe from over use. I went through the whole process again for at least another year.

It has been said that stress can be a factor in frozen shoulder. I had problems, we all have problem, so who knows.

My life had become one desperate chiropractic and physiotherapy appointment after another. It was expensive. It was really awful. I couldn’t put my coat on. A poncho had become my best friend.

Frozen shoulder is referred to as idiopathic. The medical profession is not sure of the cause. It was painful and very discouraging.

Moving Forward.

After two years I began to heal. Today I am much better.

I have started writing on Medium. I love to write. It gives me joy to read, write and connect. I have found something that really inspires, and as usual, when I find something I like I go overboard.

And today my shoulders are starting to hurt. The warning bells are going off. Red flags are popping up all over my kitchen. I feel anxious.

I have to slow down. I have to take some time away from my laptop. I can’t write for hours today.


I have to do something creative!

I have to connect!

What else can I do today to add value to my life or yours?

I know, I will use my blogging time to create something different.

I will do some baking.

If I can’t write I will bake.

And Today’s Recipe is Avocado Banana Bread

This bread is described as moist, delicious and healthy. It has no added oils or butter, and the flavor of the bananas shines through.

I am going to start now.

If you bake too, I hope you enjoy this tasty flavorful bread.

Thank you for reading this quick little post.

Thank you for connecting.

Wishing you a most healthy and wondrous day.

Janice Tovey

My passion is writing. I also love reading, teaching, animals, nature, music, and humor. I am curious about everything and enjoy writing about all things.