The 8 Huge Health Benefits Derived From Wearing A Fitbit

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Janice Tovey
2 min readFeb 9, 2022


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My health and feelings of well being have significantly improved since wearing a Fitbit.

The Fitbit is my personal life coach. We all need regular support and encouragement. Yes, we have friends and family, but the Fitbit is with us 24/7. This amazing piece of technology worn on our wrist helps to set goals, reinforce decisions, motivate and inspire. Let’s not forget that gentle nudge dare we stray off course.

8 Huge Health Benefits of the Fitbit:

Beats Per Minute: The Fitbit constantly tracks heart rate. A stronger heart boasts a lower number of (BPM) beats per minute. The goal of cardio exercise is to push the heart rate out of its comfort zone and raise the BPM, which will eventually lower the BPM. The Fitbit provides the metrics to ensure an optimum level of cardio (increased heart rate) is being reached during exercise. It tells us that we are working hard enough.

Counting Sheep: I panicked for years thinking I was not getting enough shut eye. With Fitbit metrics, I see I am. This knowledge reduces my sleep anxiety. The result is improved sleep. Sometimes we are getting more sleep than we realize. The Fitbit tracks REM, light sleep, deep sleep and time awake.

Get Moving: The Fitbit can track walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics, and elliptical activities. You choose to set daily, weekly or monthly exercise goals.

So Many Steps: I find it motivating and entertaining to challenge myself. With the step tracker feature, I am reminded to get moving. We all desire to remain healthy for as long as possible. At the end of the day, it feels great to view my number of daily steps.

Get Up: This is a particularly important feature if you sit for hours. Experts rally for frequent movement. The Fitbit design provides for a reminder. Mine is every 1/2 hour.

Numbers on a Scale: You can manually enter personal weight, set a weight loss goal, and track weight loss success.

Crystal Clear Beverage: The importance of drinking water cannot be over emphasized. The Fitbit allows a daily water consumption goal to be recorded and tracked.

Food Diary: The Fitbit can track everything that is consumed. This feature assists with healthier eating and weight loss.

Our health is determined by so much more than the number of daily steps. Sleep quality, food intake, water consumption, weight and physical activity play a huge role.

Receiving regular feedback on our progress with health and fitness goals is motivating. The valuable health metrics provided by the Fitbit ensure that we stay the course. A personal life coach like Fitbit acts to support, remind, and inspire us to keep reaching.



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