The Deadly Ingredients Found In Some Pet Foods

Janice Tovey
2 min readMar 15, 2022

The hidden health hazards in pet food

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I love my dog Joey. He is a fourteen year old pug. Joey is deaf and his vision is starting to fail. He loves his food and his walks. Everyday is Christmas day for Joey. He bounds down the stairs with his little arthritic legs eager for that first taste of his breakfast.

For many years like many people, we fed Joey processed dog food. We purchased the big, expensive and difficult to carry bag from our local pet shop.

It was costly and a popular brand so we just assumed it was good.

In Canada, the pet food industry is not regulated. One has to do their research or speak to their veterinarian for advice regarding pet nutrition.

The pet food industry in the U.S. is worth 11 billion dollars annually. Their slick ads would have us all believe that their food is healthy and nutritious.

This is far from the truth. The pet food industry is just an extension of the human food and agricultural industries. It is a way for these large well known companies to get rid of their waste.

What pet foods should not contain:

Meat-by-products produced through the rendering process

Artificial preservatives

Artificial colors


Propylene Glycol

What pet foods should contain:

Whole meats

Vegetables, whole, unprocessed grains

Foods rich in nutrients and enzymes

We can not all feed our pets a natural raw food diet.

There are some well respected quality pet food companies out there. You just have to do some research.

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