The Dogs I Meet on My Early Morning Walk

Our best friends

Janice Tovey
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Since I lost my own dog a month ago I have been doing a lot of walking. Early morning walking. To get out of a house that feels so empty…. since my sixteen-year-old pug left us.

No more clicks on the floor, snoring, sneezing, or barking at the kitchen table. No more walks around the block, cooking special food or tale wagging.

So now I walk.

I am not ready for another dog, but I have met some marvelous dogs on my walks. Here are a few of them that I have had the pleasure of seeing.

Photo by Alexandru Sofronie on Unsplash

French Bulldog

These are the cutest and most precocious little creatures. There owners tend to be very fashion forward. They are always dressed impeccably. The dogs that is. French bulldogs were bred in Paris as companion dogs. They made their debut in the mid-nineteenth century and are thought a cross between the English Toy Bulldogs and Parisian ratters.

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Welsh Corgi

This adorable dog is described as one of the friendliest small housedogs. Welsh Corgi’s are affectionate companions, athletic, strong, and very lively. They are herders by nature and one of the most popular. They are a big dog in a compact package and make an outstanding pet. I asked the owner if there were any concerns with their short legs and was told stairs for the first eight months had to be taken carefully.

Photo by Zoe Ra on Unsplash

Cairn Terrier

This breed is happy and always busy. They are called little earthdogs as they spend their days digging for small furry prey in the rocky countryside of Scotland. They are free spirits with a wide head and short legs. The Cairn Terrier is promoted by the British Kennel Club as the “best little pal in the world.” They are loyal, independent thinkers who crave human contact. Yes, this is Toto from the Wizard of Oz.


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