The Most Commonly Misspelled Word!

Janice Tovey
1 min readDec 27, 2021

Plus 15 more words we misspell.

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I am challenging you to guess the most misspelled word these days. It is embedded in the following list of other words that we routinely misspell.

I will give you a hint. It is a timely word. It is particularly significant now. The most commonly misspelled word resonates with our current state of affairs. And that makes sense.

I hope you enjoy these routinely misspelled words. Good luck guessing the MOST commonly misspelled word.

Consciencious should be CONSCIENTIOUS

Entrepeneur should be ENTREPRENEUR

Perseverence should be PERSEVERANCE

Experiance should be EXPERIENCE

Fulfil should be FULFILL

Collaegue should be COLLEAGUE

Concensus should be CONSENSUS

Indispensible should be INDISPENSABLE

Liasison should be LIAISON

Lisence should be LICENSE

Qarantine should be QUARANTINE

Maintainance should be MAINTENANCE

Neccessary should be NECESSARY

Occured should be OCCURRED

Priveledge should be PRIVILEGE

Recomend should be RECOMMEND

The answer is: “Quarantine was the most widely misspelled word, most searched in 12 states, the data revealed. Many people even thought it was spelled “corn teen.” Jun 17, 2021

Congratulations if you guessed the word quarantine! It make sense given the world wide pandemic.

What do you think the most commonly misspelled word will be in 2022?

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