The Reasons Every Writer Should Have a Vision Board

Janice Tovey
3 min readDec 31, 2021

Manifest your desires and turn your dreams into success!

Beautiful rainbow showing positivity, manifestation and the law of attraction. Vision boards, goals, affirmations.
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We all have goals and desires. Maybe you dream of writing your first viral article, a curated story, a best seller, or becoming an independently wealthy author.

You may wonder what steps you can take to support and empower your dreams and aspirations? To ensure they manifest.

A vision board is a pictorial or visual representation of your dreams and goals. Like a large picture poster, vision boards contain text and images of one or all of the things you desire.

Deepak Chopra and Oprah believe in the power of manifestation and The Law of Attraction. Manifestation is the act of turning your dreams into reality by putting your desires out into the universe. The Law of Attraction suggests that positivity brings positive results. Although this may sound easy, it is in fact hard work. But very doable.

These concepts are not magic.

To be successful you must set an intention. You have to believe with all of your heart and soul that your dream will become a reality. And more importantly, you must take active steps to turn your abstract desires into concrete success.

A vision board is a great support to have with you on your beautiful journey. The quest toward…



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