There Is Only One Thing Worse Than Disrespect

Actually there is nothing worse than feeling unworthy

Janice Tovey


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We all know that awful, distressing gut feeling when we realize that we have been disrespected. Many times the other person is clever and uses tactics that make you feel that you actually deserve their rude, insensitive and dismissive behavior. A lot of the times being disrespected just makes us feel angry and vulnerable.

You get what you tolerate. If someone is rude or disrespectful towards you, politely excuse yourself and walk away. It’s actually a powerful statement. It sends a clear message to the other person; what they’ve said or done is unacceptable and that you won’t tolerate it.

Don’t tolerate disrespect. Even from yourself.

Be aware of when you are being disrespected and take action.

5 Clues To Increase Your Awareness of Disrespectful Behavior

  • Displaying Contempt: You have just achieved a big accomplishment, something that is very important to you, and someone says “oh, but the color is a bit off.”
  • Uttering Derisive Comments: These comments sound like no one really cares. Someone or someone refers to your thoughts, feelings or accomplishments as useless, unimportant or stupid. These words are degrading and difficult to handle.
  • Disregarding Is An Attitude Of A Person Who Does Not Consider Something Important: You feel like you are just “wasting your time” speaking to someone. And, you are!
  • Disdainful Language: How often have you heard the words “whatever” or “really?” These are especially hurtful when you are excited about something.
  • Scorn Makes You Feel Like You Are Not Good Enough: This one can catch you off guard. Others who withhold respect from you purposefully are without a doubt behaving scornfully. They think they are superior, and believe you have to work harder to get their respect.

Final Thoughts

We are all human and worthy of respect.

When we respect ourselves we ensure that our boundaries are not crossed. This new behavior may inconvenience the people around us who are accustomed to using us. But, it is a very powerful stance and important for our psychological well-being.

Without self-respect, people will walk all over us. Learn to say “no” and walk away when you sense you are being disrespected.

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Don’t worry if they start to call you “difficult.” This is actually a blessing in disguise!



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