Tips for an Eco Friendly Home

And a healthier planet

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A healthier planet begins with a healthier home and a healthier home begins with you. We all desire more sustainable ways of living and an eco-friendly home in which to live.

Tips for an eco-friendly home:

Toothbrushes: The majority of plastic toothbrushes are composed of nylon and polypropylene plastic which originate from fossil fuel. Millions upon millions of these toothbrushes are discarded annually. There are alternatives on the market.

Low-flow toilets: A low-flow toilet will save you cash with each flush. Your water bill and the environment will thank you.

Fill your garden with native plants: Cultivating plants indigenous to your area will ensure your garden is in balance with the environment and nature.

Purchase toiletries with zero-waste: Some suggestions are dry shampoo and refillable soap containers.

Low-flow shower heads: Similar to the low-flow toilet or low-flow faucets, these eco-friendly additions to your home will help the environment and save you money.

Home grown vegetables: Many vegetables are relatively easy to grow at home and you can choose organic with less cost and more nutrients.

Lawn mowers: When the time comes to replace your gas lawn mower opt for an electric.

Paints: Did you know that some paint brands are eco-friendly. Water based paints are the least toxic and contain fewer VOC’s which are guilty of reducing air quality.

Furniture: Furniture made from recycled wood is a always a good choice.

Cloth napkins: Help to reduce paper use by switching to cloth napkins. They are easy to launder and very eco-friendly. Do cold water washing if possible.

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There are a variety of things you can do to make your home eco-friendly and while they may not seem like much, every little effort toward a healthier planet adds up.

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