Add Years to Your Life By Walking

The amazing health benefits of steps

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Rehabilitation experts and public health departments have recommended 10,000 steps a day for increased health and a longer life.

New information released from The European Journal of Cardiology is suggesting otherwise.

The study reveals there are potential health benefits from a lower number of daily steps.

Not that 10,000 steps isn’t great.

  • A daily walk of 3967 steps started to lower the risks of dying of any medical condition, while the addition of another 2337 steps reduced a person’s risk of dying from heart related ailments.
  • The really exciting news for you walkers is that they have found that the longer the walk the larger the benefits to your overall health

Encouraging Stats!

Every 500 to 1000 steps can reduce your risk of dying from cardiovascular or any disease.

And additional 1000 steps gives you an additional 15% worth of protection.

Top that off with another 500 steps and your risk of dying from stroke or heart attack further declines.

Wow, so it actually doesn’t take all that much to add years to your life.

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The best news!

John Hopkins University discovered that if people walked as many as 20,000 steps a day, the health benefits continued to increase. They have not found an upper limit yet. John Hopkins University

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Walking truly appears to be the magical elixir with no end in site to its incredible and life sustaining health benefits.

Are you ready to step it up?

Start your walking adventure today for a long and healthy life.

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