Christmas Cactus Life Lesson

A little attention goes a long way

Janice Tovey
2 min readNov 14


Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

It was last year, shortly after Christmas. I was forging around in a local shop and came across eight shriveled and dying Christmas Cacti. At a time of the year when the beauty of the Christmas Cactus usually shines, these eight were in a sad state of affairs.

I asked the clerk what happened. She said they were left to die. No longer being watered or cared for, they sat wilting. She did mention that someone had stuck ice cubes in them over the weekend.

The Christmas Cactus shares good company with the Norfolk Island Pine Tree and Poinsettias Plant both of which are well loved and enjoyed over the holidays. At first glance the Christmas cactus may appear an unusual plant, but at this time of the year is a blaze with beautiful pink blooms, a heart-warming sight in the midst of chilly winter.

Eleven months ago these eight shared not one single bloom.

I am happy to report that with a little sun, water, and care, these eight long forgotten plants have started to happily bloom. The plants, all with numerous blossoms except for one who just happens to boasts the biggest solitary flower.

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

I guess the moral of this story is that a little attention and love can go a long way.

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