What is frozen shoulder pain like?

Symptoms and treatment

Janice Tovey


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Individuals suffering from frozen shoulder are no stranger to chronic pain, restricted mobility, and sleepless nights. The stigma associated with frozen shoulder contributes to the misery and despair.

If you suffer from chronic pain you are not alone. Millions of people across the globe can relate. This type of pain is especially difficult to endure. It persists because the nervous system continues to fire and send messages to the brain.

The statistics for this debilitating condition are sobering:

  • Chronic pain can last for six months or more
  • There are four main types of chronic pain
  • Your chances of experiencing chronic pain increase with age
  • Most adults need medical attention for chronic pain
  • 10% of people in the world experience chronic pain
  • Chronic pain victims get 42 less minutes of sleep a day
  • Overdose kills more Americans than guns



Shoulder Pain

Pain is the best known symptom of frozen shoulder. The discomfort resides in the nerves of the shoulder region and musculoskeletal tissues. These two can become painfully intertwined.

The freezing stage is associated with the highest degree of pain, lasting anywhere from six weeks to one year or more.

Frozen shoulder pain begins as a dull ache with increasing intensity over time. I felt like my shoulder joint was being jabbed with a hot metal poker. It “was on fire.” Pain radiated down my arm. Reaching up or sideways was excruciating. Dressing was next to impossible. This type of discomfort was new and took my breath away.

Neck Pain

Because the shoulder and neck are closely connected, neck pain often accompanies shoulder discomfort. Reduced mobility exacerbates the pain.

The pain that ran from the base of my neck to my shoulder joint and down my arm was intense. I was shocked by what felt like an…



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