Why Are My Curated Articles Not Doing So Well

My excitement is slowly dwindling for being further distributed

Janice Tovey


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I read in a previous post how a writer can expect to earn as much as 760% more return on a curated article.

This inspired me. I write and hope for curation one day.

I have been with Medium for 6 months. I really love it. I also yearn for the coveted curation status.

Within the last three weeks, I have had two articles marked for further distribution. I was excited. Visions of dollars danced through my head as did increased attention on me and my writing.

This has not been the case however. My more random, routine articles are faring better.

Does it just take time? I guess I will see.

These posts, surprisingly enough, were both recipes. The first, a raspberry muffin recipe, and the second a stir fry recipe. Each article contained one or two images that were taken by yours truly. It feels so good to say “Image by Janice Tovey.” Of course, they were pictures of the delicious food.

Of the two articles, one contained a link to the health benefits of the nutritious ingredients, and the other paired a picture of delicious home baked raspberry muffins with an image of a frozen pond on a frigid February day.

I conjured up feelings of coziness with thoughts of a steaming cup of coffee and a warm home baked raspberry muffin amidst the cold.

I am not entirely sure why these two articles were picked. If I knew the reason I would just repeat the formula.

They were both concise, neat, followed Medium formatting guidelines, contained a link, and contained unique images. Perhaps I fit the curation criteria this time.

Or perhaps, someone was just hungry.



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