Why Positivity Is Bad for Your Health

Toxic beliefs

Janice Tovey


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Is anyone else starting to get a little sick of the positivity parade? An artificial and over inflated sense of well-being.

A moral high ground trodden with weary believers, trampling truth for bliss.

The positivity industry.

Crystals, meditations, yoga, elixirs, prayer, and food. I am not for a minute saying positivity isn’t a noble or healthy state. Or not good for you. Or that these practices aren’t helpful. There is plenty of literature to prove they are. It is just that positivity might be a bit premature. Maybe there are some things that need our attention first.

Do you feel worse (negative) when you are feeling bad and are shamed for not being positive? You are told someone has it rougher than you or that you complain too much. Chin up! So you are making me feel bad to make me feel good.

Could excessive manufactured positivity be depriving us of real life and healing. We are made to feel guilty when we are negative. Our feelings are invalidated. Healing comes with validation, no strings attached. One emotion is not better than another. They just are. And must be worked through.

Whom does this positivity serve? You? Me?

Does it feel a bit like the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Whose truth is it?

Or is it that we can’t handle the truth.

Forcing positivity down our throats disallows the processing human emotions like grief, sadness, loss, and all the other uncomfortable sentiments. Denying our feelings is not healthy and not working through them is emotional suicide. It takes time, not the flick of a light switch.

Feigning unrelenting positivity is insensitive and dismissive of the human condition. If we don’t acknowledge and deal with uncomfortable emotions, we can’t grow as a person or species. We can’t learn from situations if we are in denial.

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No feelings, no compass.



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