Why Reality is Better Than Rose Colored Glasses

Perfection in the moment

Janice Tovey


Photo by Andreas Kind on Unsplash

Living your life through rose-colored glasses is like building a house of cards on a foundation of fluff.

Viewing a world through rose-colored glasses is a recipe for disaster.

It has no teeth.

You can make it as pretty, big, or small as you like. You can spend days, weeks, months or even years in construction. You can position it on a foundation of pretty fluff.

One gentle whisper of truth and it is gone.

And you curse the Gods, fate, karma, or just your rotten bad luck. You spritz some cleaner, give a shine, and begin again.

The problem is inherent in the misperception.

The misperception that reality would ever need altering! That faking reality would ever be of benefit.

Like fighting gravity, the tides, or lunar cycles, it can’t be done, no matter how thick the lens.

This behavior incorrectly believes that there is some mistake in the way our universe has been unfolding in the last say, 15 billion years. Someone has got it all wrong and it needs a bit of a face lift.

There is no opportunity in a false reality.

There is no opportunity in denying reality.

There is, however, huge potential in experiencing and accepting reality for what it is in all its doom, gloom, splendor, and beauty. There is strength and power in co-creating a meaningful and authentic existence based on 15-billion-years of what is.

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