Why You Must Swallow That Bitter Pill Now

For a meaningful and fulfilled life

Janice Tovey


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Are you stuck?

Is your life not progressing.

The way you would like?

Are there things you are putting off? What are they? How would your life be if you got down to “swallowing that difficult pill,” doing what you don’t want to do, feeling what you have to feel no matter how uncomfortable, and moving on.

Would swallowing that uncomfortable whatever it is make room for better things? Unstick, clear, and open possibilities.

Here’s why you should take a big breath, a big gulp, and swallow that difficult pill now!

Our lives are relatively short. In the big scheme of things. Time is a ticking. So why are we wasting it on activities, thoughts, and people who aren’t inspiring, uplifting and meaningful. Stop putting limits on yourself. Make your move…..now.

Do what you are most scared to do. Take that chance. This could be life changing.

Spend one hour a day working on your dream. Most people spend eight or more working on someone else’s. You deserve it. What is your dream? Travel, your own business, more time for writing. Nourish it now.

Take action. It doesn’t matter how qualified or unqualified you are. There are people out their living their dreams with way less education or experience then you, simply because they took the steps to move forward.

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Combat daytime fatigue. Practice proper sleep hygiene. Stop bringing your phone, tablet, and laptop to bed.

Avoid junk food, binging, and video games. Instant gratification is killing your ambition, drive and dopamine. These quick hits won’t sustain your long-range ambitions. Slow and steady wins the race with gradual and sustainable gratification.

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Stop being taken advantage of. Set boundaries. Say no! This can be difficult but being taken advantage of is significantly worse.

A very wise man put it best:

What we resist, persists. Carl Jung

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