Why You Need To Trust Your Intuition

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Janice Tovey


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Intuition is the ability to understand something right away without the intervention of conscious reasoning. It is like the voice of instinct. Intuition whispers from a much deeper level and usually speaks our truth. When we ignore our gut feelings, we ignore ourselves.

Gut Feelings

“Trusting your gut” or trusting these feelings or intuitions is a way to stay true to yourself. This saying comes from that anxious or bad feeling you get in your stomach when you sense something is amiss. Anxiety can create the butterflies you feel in your stomach, or even stomach pain and nausea.

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Why We Should Listen

Listening to your intuition helps you stay clear of dysfunctional relationships and unhealthy situations. Gut instinct is your immediate understanding. You don’t need another opinion or time to think it over. This gut feeling is a deeply personal experience only you can know.

It is good to rely on your intuition because it helps you make your decisions quickly, and intuition lets you adapt to situations that can change rapidly. Use play time and practice using your intuition to see how it turns out. Was your gut feeling right?

Harnessing Your Intuition

There are ways to cultivate our intuition. We can calm down, be mindful, try it on for size, request feedback, look for synchronicities, trust bad feelings, choose friends carefully, connect with others, and find time to be silent.

Sometimes we fear intuition because there is a fine line between intuition and fear. If you feel calm and certain it is probably intuition. If instead you experience fear and anxiety, the gut feeling is probably fear.

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How Do We Cultivate Intuition

Avocado toast, green tea, berries, and pineapple for breakfast are great for your intuition. Listen to your body and eat what feels right for you. Refrain from viewing food as either bad or good. In time, your intuition will lead you to the perfect food for you.

Final Thoughts

Intuition actually gives our brains a much needed break. Intuition reduces our cognitive load. Intuition makes us slow down and notice smaller things that others miss. It keeps our minds open and focused. A person who has highly developed intuition can effortlessly access accurate information quickly and effortlessly to make the right decision.



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