Will You Be Joining The One Hundred Dollar A Year Club

How much writing will that take

Janice Tovey
2 min readMar 3, 2022


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We have all read about the one hundred dollar a month writers. Those writers who have reached a commendable milestone.

Wouldn’t that be great? One hundred dollars a month doing what we love.

Who are those lucky few, and what are they doing right? I wish I knew their secret.

We all know we have to write consistently, provide value, have good content, nice images, and follow formatting guidelines, but there must be something more.

I have been writing on this platform since September 2021. I have written a lot and published a lot. I earned $25.00 in January and $11.00 in February. At this rate, I am hoping I might make it to $100.00 in 2022. The $100.00 dollar a year club!

I have worked hard for this money. As we all have. The money to me represents more than dollars. It demonstrates that maybe I am doing something correctly. That my writing does provide value, and that others find reading my work enjoyable and worthwhile.

Along side followers, subscribers, and stats, I use the earnings to help me gauge which of my articles are doing well and which not so much. That way, I can learn from the successful posts and hopefully produce similar writing.

I wish there was another way to compare myself to the success of other writers. I like to read about how others on this platform are doing monetarily. It gives me something with which to compare myself.

I realize it is not all about the money. We are doing what we love. Writing is a way for us to express ourselves, we are connecting, reading and learning.

I am on a perpetual quest to improve the quality and readability of my writing.

I use my earnings as a reflection of the quality of my writing, and as a tool to sculpt and refine my prose.

If I do indeed make it into the One Hundred Dollar A Year Club, and it is also your goal, I truly hope to see you there.



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