6 Tips For Successful Blog Writing

Janice Tovey
3 min readDec 12, 2021

You need to know this!

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You want to be a successful blogger. You crave an audience, followers and, let’s be honest, a possible income.

Keenly aware of the satisfaction that came from earning my first dollar; I want more! Who doesn’t. Don’t you?

Wow! A dream come true. Right?

We all want to be successful writers! We can earn money from doing something we love.

You are in the Medium Partner Program, you watch you stats, you pump out stories, your followers increase, and then one day, voila, there it is. Your first earnings!


You did it!

You must be doing something right.

You have reached an audience! Your audience!

We modern day bloggers know that content is king. We need to write interesting, valuable and quality work. But modern day bloggers must also place their focus on blog design, good blog name, email subscribers, SEO, eye-catching introductions, bios, social media and of course quality of content.

The following represents the most important blog qualities rated from 1–10 according to bloggers:

Quality of Content is rated 8.8/10

Eye-catching Headlines and Introductions 8.5/10

SEO 7.6/10

Email Subscribers 7.2/10

Good Blog Name and URL 6.3/10

Social Media Share and Followers 6.0/10


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Here are some things to consider when you are developing your blog:

Consider the problems your audience has, and the issues they face. How can you help them solve their problems?

What are some issues you face. How have you solved them?

Write about your success stories. Which articles have done well, which not so much?



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