A Shout Out And Appreciation For 17 Email Subscribers

I am feeling grateful today

Janice Tovey
Feb 11, 2022


The number 17 in big bold letters.
Photo by Janice Tovey

Email subscribers are that special group of writers who read our posts and decide they want more. They have pushed the subscribe button. That is flattering. These fellow writers like our bios, or what we have written.

As writers there is nothing more motivating!

I return the gesture. These individuals obviously have impeccable taste!

Let’s show appreciation to our subscribers! Growing an email base is fundamental to success on Medium.

Thanks to:

davisc.8484, BichoDoMato, Ali Kurtulmus, Dr Elizabeth, Social Vibes, Boutahiat, Irfan Aslam, Gatlin McPherson, Darcy Lindber, Jessica White, S.G. Glenn, Nanakeam, Uwem Daniels, Beverly Bowman, Alex Torato, Patrick OConnell, Six Shooter

Happy writing to all.



Janice Tovey

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